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08/01/2012  Difficulty as I mentioned in my last entry for 2011 in publishing but here we are large as life again,  the Photography Club continues to gain momentum and is proving very interesting,  best wishes for 2012 and may your dreams come true ( Only the good ones ! ).

10/01/2012  In Sherwood Forest today road testing the new TZ20,  it is excellent and is proving worth it's weight in Gold.  An extension to grazing area 1 is planned, I have my doubts about this, I think their efforts could be better spent in other directions.  Roger was with me and captured an excellent image of the Major Oak in Infrared,  I will see if we can get the image on the Major Oak page,  Roger has a certain way with invisible light.

11/02/2012  A lot of things happening just lately,  including a new Group on Facebook " Feed Sherwood Forests Birds "  We are accepting small payments or Donations towards feeding Sherwood Forests Birds,  any amount is acceptable or currency,  Dollars and Euros etc.  Payments can be made through PayPal by sending money to >  every little helps and you can have the satisfaction that the money you send will go directly on bird food ( And some for the squirrels ).  A thank you page has been published to recognise participants.  The page on this site is  HERE    Thanks Aidie.

16/02/2012  Hands across the Sea, the FoSF assists Princeton Childrens Library with their Robin Hood project ..............

17/02/2012  Received a reply from Notts CC re the Bus Stop problem in Sherwood Forest,  it's a complete disgrace and an insult to the elderly and disabled.  We will look at the possibility of Legal action against the Council regarding this matter,  more news later.

17/03/2012    Still no action over the Bus Stop,  we also need to start a campaign to educate visitors about tree climbing and the need to keep off trees.

01/07/2012    Discovered an Auction site that is being used by a group called the " Friends of Sherwood Forest " they also make several references to " Nottingham "The group has raised several hundred and possibly a few thousand Dollars for their cause, they are nothing to do with us,  however it is not apparent from the start as their auction page is willfully misleading and I would even go so far to say as fraudulent.  PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS GROUP THEY ARE PURPORTING TO BE THE FRIENDS OF SHERWOOD FOREST BUT ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH OURSELVES.  PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU SEE THIS GROUP RUNNING ANOTHER SCAM ON THE INTERNET >  ADRIAN@MAJOROAK.ORG.UK   THANK YOU.

14/08/2012    We are round to that time of year again please be vigilant with regard to the mystery dog illness for the next couple of months, the causative agent seems to like forest areas, keep a close eye on your dog an at the first sign of any illness contact a Vet.

16/08/2012   A visit to the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest revealed some old problems and some disturbing new ones.  We will do our best to resolve the latest threat which involves a situation we have been aware of for some time.

18/08/2012    Paid a quick visit to Sherwood Forest this morning for some information but sadly all was lost,  well not all.  I have been working on a rescue map for Sherwood Forest for a year or two now but have been continually stumped for one or two problems,  however last night I stumbled upon the " KEY " to unlock the map and make it work.  This will enable the emergency services to locate you in Sherwood Forest in record time,  it's not foolproof but it's the best system around for miles.  WAIT > it's not up and running  as yet,  I still have the establishment to deal with,  they can often act in a very chirlish manner as though you are rubbing their faces in the Sh?t and further that it's as though you represent a severe embarrassment to them.  I must hasten to add that I know full well there are one or two people on my list who would not hesitate to approve the system and would have it rolled out next week if it were left to them.

20/08/2012    Mystery dog illness, is it possible that ticks or midge bites could be responsible for passing a bacterium on to dogs ?

22/08/2012    Busy day at Sherwood Forest,  met with the Head Ranger Mr Paul Cook regarding the Friends Map,  this now goes onward to the Forestry Commission.  Informed the Visitor Centre was vandalised late yesterday evening,  windows broken in the Restaurant and gift shop. Met with Radio Nottingham's reporter Laura in the afternoon in the Forest for an interview,  this will be broadcast later this week.  Errr hope it's OK gulp.  Also managed over 170 shots on the Lumix as well while I was up there.

23/08/2012   The Radio Nottingham interview has been broadcast, my sincere thanks to Andy Whittaker, Marcus Alton, Laura Foster and all the staff of Radio Nottingham for placing this on air and their valuable assistance given to helping with the Friends Map.

06/10/2012    I attended the Event at Sherwood Forest > Through the Ages last week end, here is the result on Facebook.

It was very well organised and Mr Howard Giles of has to be complimented on the event,  well done Howard,  lok forward to next years offering.

30/10/2012    Ambitious plans for the new visitor centre at Sherwood Forest have been released,  I can see serious problems right from the word go ......

More later.  Please see my facebook pages.

10/11/2012  Waiting now to see the plans submitted to the Council for approval,  I have my doubts about this based on past experience.  The Bus Stop problem continues,  we may be near a conclusion.


   Remembrance Day  

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old;
age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will remember them.

18/11/2012    Good News, the FoSF is expanding,  I will publish further details as and when they are available,  I'm very pleased with this latest move, more later.

19/12/2012    One of our Governors Alan is in hospital with a fractured femur after slipping on ice outside his home, would you all please join me in wishing Alan a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in the forest again..

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WARNING ----  A group using our name and location are using Auction sites in America for fundraising netting thousands of Dollars > Please be aware they are fraudulent !  -  MAJOR OAK DAY IS CELEBRATED ON MAJOR HAYMAN ROOKES BIRTHDAY - 20th FEBRUARY,   ONLY 8 YEARS TO TRI-CENTENARY ! 


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