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January.  The year has got off to a good start with the RSPB and Notts CC pressing ahead with their plans for the NVC regardless of the problems waiting for them.

11/02/2016    Well we are past the two year mark since my last post on here.  There is good news and bad news,  the Council have found a preferred bidder the RSPB to build their new visitor centre,  however the bad news is they want to build it in the worst possible position they can find causing the local population considerable harm.  The Council and others involved think it's a really wonderful idea and fail to acknowledge any criticism.  The site in question is a part of Sherwood Forest Country Park known as Forest Corner. To add insult to injury one of the residents has chosen to cast doubt on the FoSF and their methods regarding the campaign that has been launched against the council and the RSPB. This has caused considerable offence and legal action is being considered against the offender.  Let me state here and now that we receive no external funding,  the Charity is run out of my own pocket and save for some monies from sales on eBay that is the sum total of our income,  donations amounting to nil at the present moment with expenditure outstripping any and all income,  that has been the case since 2008.  You can see why I am offended when I set out to help others and impertinent remarks are banded about just because they think they are entitled to do so.  The real fact of the matter is that monies I have are being taken away from a project to help sick and dying children known as the TARDIS project,  you can see exactly why I'm furious !

Having mentioned the subject of Donations yes money can be donated to the FoSF through PayPal,  any amount large or small can be sent to .......  ... Thank you.

13/03/2016    Edwinstowe Parish Council has launched a cowardly and unprovoked attack on the FoSF in their February Newsletter distributed to local residents of the Village and placed online.  The content is libellous and to be honest complete trash,  it accuses me of spreading misinformation and making reference to plans that do not exist,  well lets say I'm not as daft as they are,  here are the plans drawn up by LONDON Architects Kirkwood McLean in 2014/15  the plans clearly state that the site is Forest Corner and it is part of a feasibility study for the RSPB.

20/03/2016   I attended the meeting at the Cricket Club yesterday to see the new concept plans for the NVC. I was gutted to see the same concept they were trolling around nearly TWO years ago  ( Seen above ). Recent library sessions in which it was nigh on agreed 100% that Naishes field was the public's preferred option I find that the RSPB have not taken the slightest bit on notice of anyone, what is the point in holding these mock sessions just to railroad the plans through entirely to their own personal satisfaction. I am incensed that they have no qualms in routing Funeral Corteges through the VISITOR car park to access the Cemetery, THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE DAMNED DISGRACE AND AN INSULT TO THE GOOD PEOPLE OF EDWINSTOWE.

I personally have serious doubts about the RSPB being suitable candidates to undertake this project.

RSPB Plans as of 19-03-2016  Cemetery top left corner.

Petition site.....

Funding site.....

Your help in signing and donations however large or small are most welcome,  Thank you,  Adrian.

13/09/2016   Out in Sherwood Forest walking on the forests roads when a Ranger drove a 4x4 vehicle at me.  I did not know the Ranger involved and have never spoken to him,  Both the Site Manager and Head Ranger tried to play it down.  We have terminated our working relationship with the forest management due to the deplorable way this matter was handled,  The Ranger in question is still employed by the Council and still working and driving within the Forest.  Please take extreme care while walking on the forests roads.


  PDF Document - Objection to RSPB's NVC at Forest Corner.


Natural England the Government Agency responsible for SSSi sites has stepped into the fray and given Project Manager Ross Frazer an ULTIMATUM... either pull your socks up and supply the information requested or they change their submission from pending to one of OBJECTION.....

Natural England's submission .... Here ..... strong stuff.  Also available on Newark and Sherwood's planning portal.


  Remembrance Day   

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old;
age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will remember them.

   Remembrance Day for Scotland  

Chan shs iad aosd
mar a dhfhsas sinne a thair ar fgail aosd
Cha bhi iad claoidhte agus a seargadh le aois
Ag m dol fodha na grine agus anns a mhadainn
cuimhnichidh sinn orra

Short Prayer

A Thighearna, cm iad faisg agus don a chaoidh gu brth

Gaelic translation with grateful thanks to a dear friend Mrs Margaret MacLeod,  Isle of Lewis.

13/09/2016  Out in Sherwood Forest and when returning to my car just before lunch time I was approached from the rear by a Sherwood Forest Ranger driving a 4x4 Ford Truck Cab vehicle,  the Ranger in question brove has vehicle at me in a cowardly and unprovoked attack.  The driver of this vehicle is still working for the NCC in the Forest and still driving vehicles,  please take care.As a consequence of this attack celebrations for Major Oak Day 2017 have been cancelled.  It was planned to create a mini spectacular around the Major Oak tree, under the circumstances it was considered to risky to undertake this venture taking into account the deplorable attitude of the site managers.  Existing security measures have been tightened up and new measures employed however this does not mean it is safe on the forest tracks and roadways,  should you hear a vehicle approaching you please take extreme care.

Had you enquired a week before regarding safety in the Forest I would have said without hesitation that yes it was perfectly safe and I have been walking around the Forest on a regular basis for nearly a decade without incident,  this has all now changed drastically, I am disgusted at the manner the site managers have dealt with this but in all honesty not surprised.

30/11/2016  Plans for the NVC on Forest Corner have been altered while with Newark and Sherwood Council and a childrens Fun Fair sited on Naishes Field which at present occupies some 10,000 sq ft on Forest Corner has now been enlarged to 50,000 sq ft,  that is the equivalent of a full blown Amusement Park.  Figure that one out.

The plans still remain unfit for purpose and Mr Derek Higton still refuses to admit they have a serious problem with car parking,  the RSPB having only allocated 232 spaces on plastic grid,  the remainder being on GRASS and we know exactly how long that will last/



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Sherwood Forest NVC  plans are now with Newark and Sherwood Council  Our objection runs to 5,500 words over 34 pages  CLICK HERE to READ


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