Q.  How safe is my membership information.

A.  Your personal information given to the FoSF is only for use by the Society, it will not be made available to other persons for any use whatsoever, we do not sell names and addresses or eMail lists to third parties >> That is a strict rule with no options !  Your personal info is regarded as sacrosanct. Please read our terms of Use Here

Q.  Will I be contacted by eMail once I become a member.

A.  Yes, eMail being the most economical and efficient form of communication,  this however will be for information purposes only, we will not contact you requesting any personal data or ask that you update your personal information or credit cards.  Criminals will join organisations, banks, societies  etc to obtain data on the type of Company correspondence and will forward cloaked documents hiding the identity of the offender to unsuspecting members requesting card information etc, this is known as Phishing, should you come across this type of criminal activity please contact the Webmaster so that details of the alleged scammers can be published to warn other members of the danger.  At this present moment in time we do not handle any card information at all, this is left to PayPal, their infrastructure is well established and they are capable of handling many procedures probably better than the Card companies themselves.


Q.  I have come across a site with exactly the same Index or Front page as your own for the FoSF.

A.  I have registered the following Domains for the FoSF  >>>

    1 >> www.majoroak.org.uk

    2 >> www.friendsofsherwoodforest.org.uk

    3 >> www.friendsofsherwoodforest.co.uk

Any other domains you come across using this page are not genuine sites, and as such should be reported to the Webmaster.  The Index pages for Domains 2 and 3 will link directly to the main site at 1.


Q.  I do not have a computer can I still join.

A.  No problem, you account details will be forwarded by post, as will all other communications.


Q.  Membership fees seem very inexpensive as does the Day charge for Guided walks with the Photography Club.

A.  I have encountered membership fees for similar organisations up to 125.00 p.a.  I am looking for members to make this Society a healthy and active entity,  likewise with the Walks, if you wish you may book me for private days for the sum of 80.00 per person ( Min 6 persons ) Max number 10 persons,  however you will receive exactly the same  excellent standard of service and attention if you book through the FoSF.  If you wish to book me with studio camera's) privately, I charge 150.00 per hour with a four hour minimum plus disbursements and processing cost as extra.


Q.  Do you offer any alternative to ordinary Membership.

A.  No apart from Honorary Members,  our infrastructure is not based on a tiered hierarchy,  we do not wish to encourage elitism.


Q.  As a member what will happen to proceeds raised through the FoSF Charity.

A.  The proceeds raised will go towards the administration of the Society and surplus funds will be donated by application only.  Various schemes may be implemented by the society itself.  Regular updates regarding account activity will be published on the News section of the site to keep you updated on this and other matters.


Q.  Are you just a money orientated Society.

A.  No  we will campaign an behalf of any cause we consider appropriate within the sphere of our activities,  we can also give advice and technical support along with other practical help to others where needed.


Q.  As a Corporate Member do I need to renew my membership every year to retain the use of the FoSF logo.

A.  Yes, Membership renewal is essential for the continued use the Society's Logo.


Q.  Can I link to your site from my own Website.

A.  No sorry,  all links to this site must be approved before they are put in place.  Advertisers and Corporate members are allowed a single link from their own site with permission to use the FoSF Logo, with a complementary link placed back to their own site.  Hot linking is strictly forbidden !  Offenders will be burned at the Stake.


Q.  I live outside the U.K. will this affect my ability to view this site over the Internet.

A.  This site is hosted on servers located in the United States of America.  A website can be hosted from anywhere in the World, all it is depends on is a fast server and a good connection to the 'net.


Q.  Does this affect your ability to alter and re publish the site because it is so far away in America.

A.  I have a good pair of shoes.  ( Please excuse this one )


WARNING ----  A group using our name and location are using Auction sites in America for fundraising netting thousands of Dollars > Please be aware they are fraudulent !  -  MAJOR OAK DAY IS CELEBRATED ON MAJOR HAYMAN ROOKES BIRTHDAY - 20th FEBRUARY,   ONLY 8 YEARS TO TRI-CENTENARY !


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