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We are the Friends of Sherwood Forest,  an Independent Charity that no only DARES to be different, but move the concept of Charity Websites into another era.  Whether you have arrived here by intention or by accident please take time to browse the pages herein. I would also like to give our visitors to the site from outside the U.K. a special Welcome and hope they to may feel sufficiently enthused to want to join the FoSF, as membership is open to all. We are an active support group for Sherwood Forest home to Robin Hood and the Major Oak, the surrounding district is known as the Dukeries boasting some of the UK's finest Aristocratic homes.  Don't forget to log this page on your Bookmarks, and tell all your friends about us. We have some great Images on Facebook.

Should you wish to visit Sherwood Forest please be careful on the Forests roadways,  an incident late on last year has caused considerable concern regarding the safety of Visitors on the Forests roads when a Sherwood Forest Ranger drove a council vehicle directly at me in an cowardly and totally unprovoked attack.  This incident has not yet been resolved,  if you are looking for a day out please consider Clumber Park a couple of miles further up the A614  where you can be assured of a better welcome and more relaxed atmosphere.

Please treat the Forest with respect,  our trees are precious and we care about them very deeply, however a small minority of visitors want to re-enact the Robin Hood experience, and tree climbing seems to come top of the list, together with criminal damage in the form of hacking trees and saplings for fighting staffs and bows etc.  If you see anyone causing damage in the Forest please give them a shout and try and alert a Ranger if possible.  Acts such as these while they seem like a bit of fun can leave the offenders facing criminal charges.  Please help keep the forest as you would like to see it.

Tony Rotherham .... Stand and Deliver .... Local Historian and re-enactor.

Sherwood Forest Country Park in Danger.

You may or may not be aware that the Old Visitor Centre has fallen under the spotlight for a number of years now and has been described as " Old and Tired "  well yes it could have done with a re-fit but the truth is that it has fallen foul of legislation designed to return areas of Special Scientific Interest ( SSSi ) back to their natural state by 2010,  well we are due past that time and the Local County Council are under pressure to remedy matters from Natural England.  The last effort of a Visitor Centre was the one we have now, it was opened in 1976 and had it's problems that resulted in the death of TWO veteran trees and a Bus Stop sited in the car park that was an insult to the Disabled,  despite several assertive efforts to remedy that one the Council rejected all efforts to the contrary to rectify the problem.

Nott's County Council have now teamed up with The Royal Society for Protection of Birds ( RSPB ) to mount an attempt to build this New Visitor Centre on one of the worst possible places imaginable i.e. Forest Corner within the bounds of Sherwood Forest Country Park.  This area is served by one Cul-De-Sac and at the top of this short roadway is a CEMETERY yes that's right and would you believe the road from the top of Forest Corner Road to the Cemetery is about 200 yards and a total disgrace,  just over half the tarmac remains for most of the width and the entire length of this road and where thee is no Tarmac there is MUD.  The Council maintains that ACCESS to the Cemetery will be maintained but they fail to say what a nightmare it's going to be for Mourners and Visitors to get up that road to pay their respects or inter their loved ones,  having to join miles of traffic waiting to get into the MAIN CAR PARK at the top of this Cul-De-Sac.

Adjacent to the proposed new site is a housing estate where residents will be plagued with motorists evading car park fees,  and it's a fair bet they will have plenty of incentive judging by what the RSPB want to charge.  This entire Estate will be blighted.  Adding to the problems an addition member of this development is staying out of the Limelight i.e. Continiuum Attractions,  there job will be to assist the RSPB in hosting events and getting footfall in the Visitor Centre and the Forest,  adding to the pressure on the public roads around Edwinstowe.  Traffic is bound to back up from the Car Park and down the main road ( Swinecoat Road ) into Edwinstowe only a short distance away,  resulting in gridlock at the Crossroad at the top of High Street in the village.

To make way for the RSPB's development MATURE trees will have to be felled to make a workable car park,  yes the Bulldozers are going to go in big time,  you know the really Gaulling part about this is that the Council purchased a field i.e. Naishes Filed some 34 acres in size across the road from this proposed development a few years ago with the sole intention of building the New Visitor Centre there,  well it cost them 680,000 so they must have been serious,  well they still intend to use it, yes a small portion and the bottom end is to be used for an OVERFLOW CAR PARK plus a further section employed to house the ousted Fair that was to be found on the Forest Corner Site.  What is the betting the Nott's CC want to use the huge remaining chunk of Naishes Field for a housing Estate making a huge profit on the Land Deal.  Hence the total lack of concern by the Developers for residents complaints and concerns regarding this venture.

The FoSF still needs your help to campaign against this development and see the NVC on it's proper site Naishes Field,  yes we even proposed a self build project for the plan that would have ensured that all the requisite facilities would be built and save money into the bargain but it has been wilfully ignored by all concerned.  Please help by signing our petition and if you can a Donation made on Go Get Funding would help with our expenses.

 Thank you.

PDF Document - Objection to RSPB's NVC at Forest Corner.....

                .......5,500 words on 34 pages .... fast download,  a must read document for everyone interested in Sherwood Forest and Visitor Experience.


Natural England the Government Agency responsible for SSSi sites has stepped into the fray and given Project Manager Ross Frazer an ULTIMATUM... either pull your socks up and supply the information requested or they change their submission from pending to one of OBJECTION.....

Natural England's submission .... Here ..... strong stuff.  Also available on Newark and Sherwood's planning portal.


Decision date 22nd December .... Look on Newark and Sherwood Planning Portal ... Date now revised due to additional changes etc etc etc.  Expected decision date late January 2017. ?



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Published on a .PHOTOGRAPHY domain.

Warning ... On the 13th September I was the subject of a cowardly and unprovoked attack when a Sherwood Forest Ranger drove a 4x4 Ford truck cab vehicle at me while I was walking on one of Sherwood Forests roadways.  The offender is still employed by Notts CC and still driving around the forest.  Please take care while on forest roadways and tracks,  ..... Adrian.

You are probably aware that I spend some time in Sherwood Forest, and often during the small hours photographing the Major Oak by moonlight and other projects. I have been doing this now for over a year and have not experienced any great problems. However I was parked up in the lay-by just North of Ollerton roundabout on Saturday Night on the 3rd October and about 8pm I was approached by the driver of a 4x4 and subjected to verbal abuse and death threats.

The driver is a white male approx 50 years old with a slight accent ( Possibly Irish ) he suffers from a psychopathic personality. The Metallic Grey 4x4 was sign written with black letters approx 4" high along the side of the vehicle could have been a website address. The rear number plate was square and mounted on the right, not on the left as is most common. The 4x4 was a full cab type (roof all the way to the rear door )

If you have any knowledge of the Driver or Vehicle involved in this deplorable incident please contact Nottinghamshire Police straight away, this person needs stopping and being brought to task before anything more serious happens.  N.B.  Since this was first written Security Maters have been updated,  but please take care if out at night on your own. Aidie.


Sherwood Forest NVC  plans are now with Newark and Sherwood Council  Our objection runs to 5,500 words over 34 pages  CLICK HERE to READ


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