Major Oak Photography Club 2016

This Photography club not only aims to cater for the people who may not be to familiar with Sherwood Forest and could probably miss some of the most magnificent trees by just taking the wrong route around the Forest, but also to organise trips to London and further afield, please do not confuse the Photography group with the FoSF Photography Team.

If are looking to join a club that organises weekly meetings in a Club room and bores the living crap out of you then we are sorry we cannot help,  we are a small but progressive Club that gets its members out on location shooting.

A lot of the work covered by the Club is not in the text books and we like to keep it that way.

Just contact me and see what we can arrange or look on Meetup or Facebook.  Aidie.

Website ... .. see the new section re the Yorkshire Dales and Waterfall Photography.

These images are the subject of Copyright. Adrian Wilson 2013.

Our Photography Club is for Digital and Film Photographers and is non competitive and you only need a genuine interest in Photography and the ability to handle your own camera to participate,  there will be something for everyone whatever your level of skill so please don't be frightened of participating as it is all groups are informal group we may even raise the odd smile as well.  Disabled persons welcome,  please inform us beforehand so that the schedule can be arranged to suit your needs. Membership rates for 2016 ... 25.00 p.a. 60+ and Students 15.00  allows you to participate in all Club events > New Club website is NOW PUBLISHED !

Website ...

Looking for a rare item of equipment, I may have it in stock,  or failing that I may know where to source the item from.  Speciality is for filters and associated equipment, i.e. Pro 4 filters and hoods ( I even have a pair of Pro4 hoods in RED ), Sailwind filters, hoods and extension bellows,  Cokin X-pro filters unused 32.00 > a good range in stock. Costs nothing to ask. eMail


WARNING ----  A group using our name and location are using Auction sites in America for fundraising netting thousands of Dollars > Please be aware they are fraudulent !  -  MAJOR OAK DAY IS CELEBRATED ON MAJOR HAYMAN ROOKES BIRTHDAY - 20th FEBRUARY,   ONLY 8 YEARS TO TRI-CENTENARY !


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