Sherwood Pines Fire.

A fire was reported at Sherwood Pines Forest,  ten fire crews from the Nottinghamshire Fire Service located all over Nottinghamshire attended the blaze which started on Saturday 4th April 2009 at 3.20pm.  A large patch of Woodland has been damaged,  this appears to be malicious. 

I have seen the devastation caused by this fire, it is deliberate, it could not be any other.  Probably started by a cyclist as it is in the heart of a section of forest and the only way in is by a narrow track.  The location of the tract is remote and it is very unlikely that anyone on foot would contemplate that sort of action.  The damage while being confined was still extensive and the Nottinghamshire Fire Service are to be congratulated not only in containing the blaze but also in putting it out so quickly as access to the seat of the fire was difficult,  well done Nott's Fire Service.

 Here is the result of this arsonist.

This fresh green Pine needles were transformed to look as thought tons of dried grass clippings had been strewn all over.

A full day after the fire and you could still smell it half a mile away.



Sherwood Pines were the victim of theft recently with 2000.00 pounds worth of way marker posts for cyclists stolen.  The posts were part of a 300,000 scheme for cyclists,  the posts are now being painted blue to deter theft.  Having now seen the posts in question it's no surprise they have been nicked considering the price of timber.

07/04/2009  Update  An offer has been made to the Forestry Commission to assist them in thief proofing their marker posts.

07/05/2009  Received a reply from Paddy Tipping re Way marker Post thefts and anti theft measures,  as follows >>

Adrian you wrote to me recently about way marker posts at Sherwood Pines. I have now been able to speak to the Forestry Commission about this issue. I am told that there has been a problem and that about 2,000 has been lost. The Forestry Commission tell me that they are now painting the signs blue and the problem is now resolved. Thank you for your interest.

I must thank Mr Paddy Tipping M.P. for his intervention and hope the F.C. know their job >  no further comment.


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