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Having now reached the year end I had better put in an apology for not moving forward with my Blog.  We have again experienced difficulty with our hosting provider,  well I moved the site over to a new host and found we were out of the frying pan and into the fire.  The site was quickly moved back to it's old host and we are still looking for a new home for all our websites.  Couple with that I have been suffering all year with some kind of bug or virus and associated problems that have to stay under wraps for a few more months to come,  life is never easy ! 

However missing my summer vent was a heavy blow as equipment was state of the art if you can pardon the phrase,  having to sit on such a treasure trove of equipment all summer added considerably to my anguish,  but more of that later.

The forest remains unchanged and as attractive and enchanting as ever,  ringing the changes from one season to another.  There has been another bid by Notts County Council with the RSPB to try and organise a New Visitor Centre outside the bounds of the forest.  I must again express doubts about this venture.  I am far from happy about the proposals and fear it will damage the very heart of village life itself,  but we will have to wait and see.

03-11-2015  Thoresby Colliery has now closed and a development company is taking the site over,  the firm involved are forward thinking and I hope that this will compensate the village of Edwinstowe for the lack of foresight and business acumen by the NCC. The present process re the New Visitor Centre is destined to fall into the annals of not only failure but would put a Brian Rix comedy to shame.  Please bear in mind that the old visitor centre should have been removed from the Forest by 2010 leaving the forest returned to it's natural state.......we are now at the end of 2015 and so far there has not even been a single scrap of paper submitted for planning approval in all this time.  However this matter is destined to be bulldozed in the not to distant future by Natural England the government body responsible for overseeing the demolition of the Old Visitor Centre.

05-11-2015  A long exercise to rescue the site including re-building the navigation bars to get it functional after some essential software failures,  I think some Anti-Virus programmes are far too aggressive and cause these failures.

National Parks now under threat from fracking .......... Sherwood Forest is a National Park !

UPDATE 09-11-2015  I have received a letter from my local MP stating he will oppose the Government on this issue.

Register your objection here ..........

08-11-2015  Remberance Sunday.


  Remembrance Day   

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old;
age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will remember them.

   Remembrance Day for Scotland  

Chan shs iad aosd
mar a dhfhsas sinne a thair ar fgail aosd
Cha bhi iad claoidhte agus a seargadh le aois
Ag m dol fodha na grine agus anns a mhadainn
cuimhnichidh sinn orra

Short Prayer

A Thighearna, cm iad faisg agus don a chaoidh gu brth

Gaelic translation with grateful thanks to a dear friend Mrs Margaret MacLeod,  Isle of Lewis.

13-11-2015  Attended a conference this morning in connection with the village of Edwinstowe and future developments,  while a clearer picture has emerged about the New Visitor Centre it poses a more complex picture and to say the least a very confusing one.

14-11-2015  Difficulty sleeping and up at 03.30am for a Coffee,  as usual picked up the phone to while away the time on the  Internet as I slurped my drink.  Moved onto Facebook to find references to France and messages of sympathy and condolences,  horrified to read of another attack by IS.

Our thoughts and feelings go out to all those hundreds of people caught up in this dreadful episode and also to the families concerned as well,  from all at the FoSF sincere condolences.

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