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Welcome to this the new site for FoSF,   It is intended to register this Society as a Charity when income reaches the magic 5000.00 p.a. which I hope will be very soon.. 


I am wrestling with the Squirrel problem,  they are very prominent around the Car Park area of the Forest,  looking very cute and furry,  however If they were human they would all have records for Criminal Damage,  and most certainly the vast majority would be doing time.   A serious enemy for all trees,  they are capable of reproducing two or three time a year, the gestation period being around 44 days.  The young are known as kittens being born without fur they take a while until they can achieve independence.  The forestry Commission implemented a policy of control using Warfarin,  this has proved unsuccessful,  plans to control breeding by feeding contraceptive drugs have also been problematical.

Otherwise, I am pleased with the site itself, the Graphics, possibly turned out a little better than anticipated,  which is perhaps just as well,  however I am losing count of the number of sites I have now published.   Have you noticed the Favicon on the address bar,  a mini Oak tree >> believe it,  I have had Roses, Love hearts, Swimming Trout, Stags and scrolling text amongst other things up there.  About to Squirrel off up the wooden hill,  still hammering the midnight oil.


Have published the site now with a new Index page,  burning a considerable amount of midnight oil in the process,  mainly due to my desire to implement several Nav' bars, I won't talk about it.  The text is now going in place,  all is looking good.  The link on the new look Index page has been disabled until the site is in a more readable format.  Belt and braces tactics, have secured two other domains i.e.

Index pages will be set up with redirects to the main site home page.


Discovered some new software for eMail validation,  if it's as good as they claim it should reduce scamming and theft.  Need to look at it in more detail.  Nott's County Council contacted as well as the Forestry Commission,  awaiting replies.  Payments by PayPal need to be revised as does the server based registration form.  Changed the Nameservers for the two sites above last night, perhaps some kind person could send me a drawing of a bed just to remind me of what one looks like, or even a map would suffice.  Both support sites now published,  they will serve as Communications portals as well as redirects.


Completed the Photoshop draft of our Logo for our Artist to peruse,  subject to further discussion it should be done by the end of the week.


Our server in America came under massive attack from China, the offenders in China had made thousands of attempts to break into the server causing it to crash and fouling the auto warning systems in the process.  As a consequence all sites were down with email and telecoms affected as well.  The situation was not noticed because of the alarm system failing, however once the attack had been recognised Darrel our main chap over in the States soon rectified the problem, and all is now back to normal, except we now have a stronger Firewall than ever we had before.


About a week ago I came across a site supporting Sherwood Forest,  I had done my homework prior to this discovery, but If anyone is any good then they should be in the top ten and most certainly within the top 100 on Google.  This site waddled in 195, it was published in 1995 and has had little done to it since the day it was published.  since then it has undergone several radical changes including the addition of Meta Tags,  has been known to help, saves Googlebot whizzing out the other side faster than it entered.  We are not alone  >> May the force be with you..


Collected our Logo from the Artist, thanks all round, a super job.


It's been a while since I published anything, the wheels have been turning but not always in the right direction,  I had some serious trouble with Virgin Media which they wished to resolve entirely to their own personal satisfaction.  We are now at the stage of looking for a Board of Governors, and I have recruited one member Adam, I know and trust he will serve the Board to his utmost ability and with his background as a highly skilled craftsman he will view his work from a practical viewpoint.  A meeting has been arranged with others in the not to distant future regarding further members joining.


We now have a Medical Advisor to the Board of Governors i.e. Ms N. Wilson Bsc Med Sci.  welcome Naomi.

Now is the time of year when the Car Park Band strikes up to the strain of Acorns on tin roofs, yes they really come down with a solid ring, don't forget your skid lid.

The FoSF now own six Domains with three sites live,  My new Computer has Windows Vista which will not support two of my trusty Photo printers and Epson do not intend to produce an upgrade for the old drivers,  think along with all the other teething problems I would prefer to go back to Windows XP that's progress.  I'm trying hard to remember what it is that I really like about Vista and I think it's closing it down after some really hard work.


A lot of development work has been completed on the " Enchanted Forest " section and a lot more still to go, ideas continue to mushroom and new ones added to the list.  The single largest consumer of time is lighting,  the vast majority of work in this area is expensive and has to be custom made.


Some important website technical difficulties have been overcome, need to implement some image galleries and establish new accounts elsewhere.   The changeover from one machine to another has presented other technical problems with the site, curse Virgin and their arrogance.  Overall the site is now looking very slick.

Had to work on the server in the States to implement a new feature for the site, as soon as the switch was located the job was completed, now not only the FoSF site has this new feature installed but all the Domains on the server have this new feature.  ( OOOOps about two hundred sites have a new facility >> Arghhhhhhhhh !  I'm off for a cup of tea and a laugh ).  Cheers Darrel.

Now stopped laughing, have tested the PCF ( Personal Contact Form ) all is well.


Needed to retrieve some Images from my old Computer, digital files but perfectly acceptable for the intended purpose, all the Images have been damaged and are beyond repair.  Ntl Netguard mutated into a virus and has destroyed a considerable amount of work, Virgin Media do not give a Fig about their free Anti Virus program mutating, in fact they have behaved in the most despicable manner towards me.  Read all about this here on my Photography site.


Getting rather vain, find myself viewing the backgrounds from the Image Downloads Gallery,  rather than surfing. 

Remembrance Sunday so all is quiet except for Radio Nottingham and the broadcast service.


They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old;
age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning,
we will remember them.



Visited Sherwood Forest today, the ground has a total carpet of Oak Leaves,  when the wind blows it's huge brown show flakes.  The weather was not very kind to me in the morning but just before I left I was rewarded with three magnificent shots of the Major Oak in the mellow light of the late afternoon, I retuned home feeling very happy.

We have another Governor,  an established businessman running his own hair salon in Nottingham.  Welcome Jonathan.


Visited the Forest ( Sherwood ) this afternoon, all the leaves are down,  and we have a nice mushy carpet to walk on.  Some parts of the path are frozen and very slippery.  The proposed re-location of the Visitor Centre has caused considerable concern regarding access for the disabled,  the Council are holding consultative meetings behind closed doors.  The Public will get the last bite when it's to late for any considerations to be made.  I hope we are now close to publishing before Christmas.


Why is it that whenever you set targets and deadlines everything goes ape!  I'm down with the Flu' compounded with a serious infection,  this is one tiny bug with very big teeth,  dare I suggest you avoid this one like the Plague.

12/01/2009  Monday .. Visited Sherwood Forest and took Mr John Holmes the BBC Radio Nottingham presenter a short walk around the Forest,  this walk was broadcast on Friday afternoon on Radio Nottingham,   a subsequent email from John said he was pleased with the Broadcast and enjoyed the morning.

24/01/2009  The sits is still not open,  and sadly two of our Governors have had to leave us as they could not make the necessary commitments required of them,  good luck for the future Adam and Jonathan.

30/01/2009  Launch of Comic Relief fundraising campaign and they run straight into a RED brick wall over the Major Oak >> I did not think this was funny.  No Charity that openly encourages irresponsible behaviour by encouraging members of the public to act STUPID to raise money to line their own coffers and makes disclaimers seeking to absolve themselves from any responsibility in relation to their activities will not, nor ever will have my support

02/02/2009  Up at 5am chipped the snow and ice off the car and. motored up to Sherwood Forest to capture some of the first snow of 2009.  Could only just make out the outline of the camera,  you really need to know where the controls are in a situation like this.  Rattled off 44 shots under flash,  had a surprise visit from a Martian saucer,  a ring of red lights about 18 inches above the ground heading my way in the pitch dark.  Turned out to be an illuminated dog collar studded with red lights,  the owner said it was the only way he could see to throw the ball.  Woof Woof.  Rule >> In difficult conditions please stick to the paths and leave the tracks alone especially when they are covered with snow.

17/02/2009  Working until 2am decided to strip out all the old graphics and replace them with a different layout,  all that's left now is to create four new pages and then hook up PayPal and all should be well, >> well apart from the galleries  >> one step at a time.

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WARNING ----  A group using our name and location are using Auction sites in America for fundraising netting thousands of Dollars > Please be aware they are fraudulent !  -  MAJOR OAK DAY IS CELEBRATED ON MAJOR HAYMAN ROOKES BIRTHDAY - 20th FEBRUARY,   ONLY 8 YEARS TO TRI-CENTENARY !


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